Donald Wilson


Donald E. Wilson works with business owners and individuals on retirement strategies. He believes many people have a retirement product but very few have a strategy, and therefore, are not really prepared for retirement.

He understands full well the hardships and burdens California business owners face. Donald spent several years advising business owners in the employee benefits arena to help companies with competitiveness and reducing turnover, and discovered that very few business owners have the proper help in getting financial security out of their businesses and planning for their own futures.

A veteran of the United States Navy, he has a passion for helping veterans to both plan for retirement and to help them avoid being taken advantage of by scams targeting veterans. He is retired from the State of California where he was an adviser on state veterans’ issues. 

His status as a state retiree also gives Mr. Wilson a special insight into the world of state retirement planning.

Donald brings another facet to the Capstone team.

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