Louay Elhadj

Financial Advisor

 Louay has a strong entrepreneurial vison when it comes to the financial, insurance, lending and real estate industries. Having an in-depth knowledge of the financial and real estate marketplace has allowed Louay to speak on a wide variety of financial and real estate matters. It is with the understanding that wealth is built with a wide range of asset groups that Loauy has brought together a multi-industry approach to wealth managment. He has brokered millions of dollars for his clients and continues to work diligently for those who are planning to grow their wealth, protect that wealth and pass it on to future generations.

 Louay graduated from Californa State University Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Strategic Managment and currently holds several licensing credentials with FINRA, CA Bureau of Real Estate, CA Department of Insurance and Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. On his free time, he leads an active life playing soccer, cycling and staying active in the community. 


Phone (916) 224-7205